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Experience sharing the recovery process of high traffic sites after upgraded traffic

butterfly is beautiful, need to go through a process through the cocoon. For our site, in order to constantly adapt to the Internet and Internet users, upgrade, revision is inevitable. The author has also suffered several sites upgrade, revision, but only a site revision, pay the price is the biggest. The author has a business for three or four years old station, flow in the revision before basically have day IP tens of thousands of, in the face of severe security problems and the user’s functional requirements, the author of this old station had to upgrade. The losses caused by the upgrade are enormous. The old station in December last year after the upgrade because of the structural change, causes all of the URL have changed, and for the great information on the site, not on every page to do a 301 redirect, only to the 404 error page, the end result is that the flow rate dropped to the lowest level, as shown below:


traffic histogram above, we can see that traffic from the original day IP about ten thousand down to an average of only about six hundred. After the site upgrade, followed by the arrival of Lunar New Year’s Eve, but can only stop the optimization work. Really began to optimize the time has been dragged into the middle of February this year. And after a series of optimization, the current IP has been in constant recovery, specific as shown in the following recent flow histogram.



we can see the traffic growth situation is good, every day in the continuous recovery, now can be said to restore the IP rate of 1/5, I will share some optimization experience recently, hope for help when dealing with site upgrade.

1: continuous updates of site content

recovery in the upgrade process, I found the old content page included no fresh content included fast, we can we upgrade after the supply of fresh content can not be ignored at the same time. At this point many optimization personnel will lack of execution, when we encounter problems when the site is so bad, to quiet down to unremittingly optimization can eventually emerge. If we reduce the stability of the supply of high quality content, after the upgrade of the search engine audit period admission will be interrupted, and the site will be included slowly promotion. As shown below,

above we can find the site included is continuously enhanced and stable, this is a good phenomenon, but we also need to pay attention to a problem, that is the day included are added to the total volume was not included in our. There are two reasons for it. First, our content is low quality, included after a lot of it was deleted, so in the total included promotion is not obvious. Another point is that after the search engine has not been released immediately, and need to wait for a period of time after the audit period, after the natural release.

two, for dead links in the station >

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