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Macheng Macheng nostalgia forum and Discuz update

Macheng nostalgia network responsible person said, "for Jialin" in the development of Macheng Macheng forum nostalgia is working through strengthening the community construction, the mainstream of diversified products to enhance the community website image and brand influence, to create the most humane city community portal in Macheng area. Macheng nostalgia network initially completed the construction of community platform, will focus on strengthening the construction of city community consumption, and strive to build a life in Macheng for the core consumer interactive platform.


"said Ma Jialin" after the new year in urban and rural has been upgraded to the latest update, and Comsenz (Comsenz) update community forum system’s professional security effectively. Macheng nostalgia network using domestic mainstream open-source community products Discuz! Upgrade 7.2 of the forum system, provides a platform for security to create the most warm network community in Macheng area, and provides the application of a broader based community line activities. Macheng Macheng Forum on the basis of nostalgia network users interact, combined with the Macheng forum offline activities, to further enhance the popularity of the website, the accumulation of more enthusiastic users to participate. In the operation process of "love between urban and rural areas", the management team fully grasp the needs of users, and launch the "2010 Spring Festival information interim section" "2010 Spring Festival information", which has been loved by the vast numbers of users.

at the same time, Macheng home social networking platform through the UCenter Home (referred to as UCHome) and roaming (Manyou) open platform constantly upgraded and updated, completely changed the initial construction of the site, insufficient promotion situation. Through the introduction of professional social games (Social, Game) applications, in order to create a warm community communication environment for users. The continuous development of Peng friends nest (, so that interaction between users more professional, more conducive to communication between users.

Macheng Macheng nostalgia forum through continuous efforts, always maintain the development and application of the domestic mainstream community synchronization. In the user experience, not only using the home page X plug-in, as well as special custom launched daily check-in plug-in to adhesion users. Management team on the positioning of the forum, operations, promotion and other ideas are very clear, in the operation process, often launched close to the user’s activities. Continue through the activities to attract more users to gather together, and taste the Renzaitaxiang life atmosphere, through community initiated close and friends activities closer to the distance between users, let Ma Macheng forum and the development in urban and rural areas in the city to grow together.

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