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How to locate access groups of Web sites

I often met colleagues asked me why the spread of the lion lion website construction effect is basically very good. In fact, I have seen a large number of peers to do site planning, personal feeling many programs are unintelligible, the reason, many website audience positioning, causing the site overall planning without direction and disorder.

and accurate website visit group orientation, it is the foundation that the website plans. From the spread of the Internet, anyone can access the site as a group, but the audience has invalid group and effective group of enterprises, customers and potential customers are effective access to other groups, for the majority of the audience is invalid. Invalid access groups do not play a role in the marketing effect of the website, and effective access to groups will directly benefit the enterprise. For example, is a good example, we can learn from the


site traffic is large, but the majority of visitors for invalid access groups, such as a pageview 100 thousand, but only 200 groups of effective access, while another website daily visits 1000, effective access group 800, apparently after a website from the perspective of marketing is more effective, a bit of common sense people will be a result of selection. This is correct, a website my visits every day more than 500, but the actual customer day is less than 20. However, another one of my site a day visit volume is only about 50, but the effective has reached more than 20, which made me very happy.

this is the great difference between the access caused by the inaccurate positioning of the website group, many websites in order to pursue the so-called visits, and a large number of custom has nothing to do with the theme of the site content, this is a big mistake site planning. Throughout the success of the site at home and abroad, the site planning access groups are accurate positioning.

different website access groups will be quite a big difference, the enterprise website, such as cosmetics enterprises, its effective population dominated by women, even if there is a big difference between segments according to the product positioning; another example of auto parts enterprises, the enterprise website main face groups for automobile manufacturers, automobile maintenance enterprises etc. professional personnel.

site access group positioning, if a bit more sophisticated, but also divided into the main access group and auxiliary access groups. With the example of the Chinese inspirational speech network, the school teachers and students are the main visiting group, and the parents are the visiting group. After visiting the group decided, and then down, China’s inspirational speech network mainly solve the students’ learning psychology and aspirations, that is, inspirational based, so that the overall planning of the site and column planning at a glance.

, a precise access group location, will be a cornerstone of success for a web site (whether it’s an enterprise website or a professional industry website).

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