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6 months stationmaster life profit 3 8 wool 3

stood more than half a year, during the process experienced unsuspectingly to half knowing, to slightly through 123 stages. Thinking and execution have improved to some extent (first self affirmation, confidence is most important! Hehe), at present, almost no profit, as the title "profit of 3 dollars and 8 cents 3", it is necessary that these pieces of all the money from the Ali Mama advertising.

below, talk about my website operation, especially the local community forum development, lack, please criticize me.

and I "Eighteen ladder community website".

positioning: based in Chongqing, serving the people throughout the city. Taking the detailed information as the main point and interactive communication as the means, it provides rich news, entertainment, life service and travel information for the people in Chongqing, and is committed to building the new Chongqing city on the internet.

plan: the construction site at the beginning, because the idea is not clear, the lack of systematic thinking, there is no planning work force is more willing to start, see webmaster online to see other webmasters to share the experience of the site, operation management and information Wangzhuan experience, after 6 months of combat and the accumulation of knowledge in the planning, finally slightly further. So the premise of almost unchanged in the general idea, again on the eighteen ladder community has carried on the detailed planning, I think early thinking more, consider more comprehensive, the latter part of the operation and promotion work in order to better carry out, in the clear development of backward, and I further determine the profit model.

"profit, we do the purpose of the station", I have been talking to friends.

I have roughly planned the profit model for the next eighteen years of the ladder community: the prophase network advertisement is the main, and the latter will promote the brand construction in the form of activity.

, I bought a.Cn domain name last year. After I bought it for one yuan, it has gone up. Now I regret not having bought more than one. At present, the main profit community through the network advertising 3 more than, has gone back to this, but I have to consider the renewal problem.

ask your predecessors, how much profit do you make through the advertising Union?

sells money through advertising alliances, the first choice for most part-time webmasters. Because the busy work, after all, is the heart and the lack of force, unable to part, no time to take into account more.

I thought

was in the eighteen ladder community mature, after visits to stabilize the active demand of advertisers advertising (this is because I lack of initiative, long-term execution is not strong, this is bound to affect the work, even in life, so I am determined to overcome fear! Friends, if you like me because of cowardice and missed opportunities, please add my QQ:1018758971, we communicate with the progress, because the site itself), based in Chongqing, so that customers more obvious, if the content is good, strong popularity, I believe that the advertising fee is still there, but not cheap.


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