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share the soft text to publish the story of profit

I also count as an old webmaster, the ups and downs in the Internet for more than 4 years of hard work. Do a lot of website, news articles, local portal forum, game station, movie station these almost I have done, but in fact are not profitable, another section of the change to other types of websites. Later many sites sold, some give up, until I was set up in August 10th last year the soft task release net, only to find the site is to achieve a value, can play a practical use of the website can make money on the Internet, my website this year a small profit, so I quickly and you to share I built this soft net wise remark of an experienced person.

in such an impetuous network world, ubiquitous promotion, is full of network marketing smoke smell. Speculation website, someone asked the Navy crazy hair the chain, a network company SEO please. Web site to promote out, when it comes to the head is nothing more than do promotion everywhere. One of the most important part, but can not do without the construction of the chain, the inside of the chain of soft Wen is also a popular way to promote, it has a low price, the promotion of radiation benefits. As a result, on the network and gave birth to a special to write the soft text or soft hair of a profession, it is said that the industry still has considerable potential for development.

as a small webmaster, he will also participate in the soft writing and publishing, they will often go to CHINAZ or A5 submission, good soft Wen will be the size of other sites forwarded hundreds of times, not only to improve their website or product visibility, but also to the site to leave the chain, and thus indirectly enhance the website weight and keywords ranking. Of course, there are also many webmaster said he can’t write, or do not want to try so hard to write, what to do? They will make some false original articles were crazy hair the chain, or to find the Internet writer to help, or to other large pig Witkey website on these tasks and the chain of soft Wen other tasks for the ability of the webmaster complete release, so as to get the Commission, large task website involves many things, and I whim, I can also establish a dedicated only for soft Wen and released the chain task release station? And after a series of reference and collection, my special for the webmaster, Witkey website set up, I gave him a nice name "soft outside chain alliance".

The main purpose of

is to design my website webmaster to do the task and the task of the two major functions, we have QQ now, in order to facilitate the user to direct the landing site, I added the QQ login function on the website, a registered member becomes very simple. Any size webmaster can participate in publishing tasks and tasks. The amount is not capped, and you can even publish $1 links or soft text tasks. And I also follow the large task network, Witkey network, every completed list, I will take the appropriate royalty model.

late website promotion, I also put a lot of effort, I know the promotion site hardships, I also tried on many forums outside >!

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