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Horse Grassland portal through see

in early 2008, the Internet has seen portal advertising, there has been no in-depth understanding of the Internet today, after all, a lot of free resources! Especially free space, emerge in an endless stream, one by one, one by one. At first, I didn’t pay much attention to the gateway. Later, a chance, idle, ask for a try. Because the portal through the site traffic requirements, therefore, a large number of new entries are arrested, shut out, but fortunately, I’ve done a very small site, a year down, also accumulated a little traffic. Application process has gone through about a week or so, it is my mental state when anxious, suddenly opened, ha ha. At that time, but also express emotion, wrote a piece of experience, "webmaster and portal through: meditation, patience and perseverance.".

as the saying goes, a good beginning is half done. With the gateway through such a good space, doing a website is half the battle. Because before, what special website technology it says is not well understood, and it has not completely transferred the website data. As a result, the real test work has not yet started. However, before the Tiger wing free space has been heard, but also applied for a period of time, it is a very early thing. Today, Tiger wing under the portal again, from the body, let people have a formal and formal feeling. (because the network has appeared in a number of free space banner, cheat the majority of the owners of space providers). Just when I thought something good was coming, there was a small twist.

for the FTP upload data, always link is not on the phenomenon, or show links, but are being displayed in a new directory with, soon and broken. But it’s normal for me to upload other space time. Once, two times, three times,…… I can not help but let the door through the space produced a little doubt: this free space in the end how,


in the event of problems, the feedback and communicate with customer service personnel. Come and go, no less than a few replies. But the problem hasn’t been solved yet. One of the biggest possibilities is that my network here is a bit too bad for server links, nodes, and the like over there in Beijing. Specific how can not say, explanation is not clear. Ha-ha。 For some less data files, I directly use portal through online FPT upload, one by one pass, of course, is tired and slow. However, upload some documents, do the test and find the free space of the gateway is still very good quality. This strengthened my confidence in the gateway. For a large number of the moment can not upload files, in the process of communication with customer service personnel, they advised me to file to upload to the server by the feedback, they help me upload to space. I was moved by a little suggestion. Because the face of a large number of users, the door through the staff actually very enthusiastic initiative to help me upload files requirements, it is really great.

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