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Baidu why have you become a Baidu with a sense of social responsibility

search engine is one of the basic application of the Internet, allowing users to search for the information they need in a multitude of information. Compared to other Internet companies, search engines should be more impartial and independent, and should shoulder their social responsibilities. The social responsibility of search engines is that they can objectively, fairly and fairly let users search for various information sources. It is based on the automation of search engine spiders, including the laws of our country, all of which have given a certain "haven"".

Baidu as China’s largest search engine service providers, in a sense, its social responsibility requirements are even greater. But for a long time, Baidu is a completely lost sense of social responsibility of the enterprise. A variety of specific examples have proved that Baidu’s search results are entirely about interest, and its corporate interests are more than social responsibility.

When the

on-line search as early as 2006, Baidu cooperation with beidayingfa company law, the author had because of work requirements, input "Baidu" to find Baidu ever occur in the lawsuit referee instruments in Baidu search in a legal, I expected, cannot get any relevant results; and in the same beidayingfa company "Peking University legal information network" input "Baidu" to search, get a great deal of Baidu related litigation judgment. The only reason this is Baidu’s cooperation in beidayingfa company, human shields have about what happened the Baidu Inc’s lawsuit verdict.

but now Baidu has more and more manual editing or masking of search results. In 2006 the "extreme events", Baidu can manually to download search results related to its own interests with the "sky download"; so for their own interests, will be the website for screening is "Pediatrics". A blog recently broke the news that the network communications industry made articles against Baidu by Baidu notified draft delete, and to shield the threat, more unbelievable is the network communications industry followed by "black" for a few hours.

is an influential communications professional website published an article because Baidu have been so treated was negative, mainly for those traffic from search engines and web sites, more is to look at the face of Baidu live. Many websites have already encountered Baidu "rob type" the competition rank promotion, does not participate in the competitive bidding rank, casually looks for a reason to shield this website, this lets some websites have to pay money to participate in the competitive bidding rank.

site to participate in Baidu PPC, there is no good day. I personally experienced the whole process of bidding rankings. In 2007, choose a less popular keywords, on Baidu do PPC, the daily limit of 30 yuan. The result is to spend 50 yuan every day, to limit Baidu’s so-called completely useless, and Baidu theory, simple words, extra money is the time limit to the shutdown, there is a time difference on the costs incurred. The more ridiculous thing is, every time Baidu hits hits

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