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Blog a little bit of opinion about blogging promotions and promotions

At present,

independent blog circle, many bloggers are bored with comment promotion means to promote their own blog, a lot of time they spend in TA between multiple blogs shuttling to and fro, then comment, but these Kung Fu also played an immediate effect, each article in the blog review of hundreds of hundreds, so dazzling. But this blog is blog, hardly success?.

bloggers are divided into two categories:

open personal independence blog (or other websites) bloggers can be divided into two kinds, one is lonely, boring, opened a blog to pass the time; the other one is expected to open a website can bring extra income for yourself.

for the former:

should not be called blog review, but should be referred to as "blogger interaction". You come here to see me, I go to see you there, you come here to step on my foot, I went to your passing there, just like QQ space, as time passes, the two become good friends. In order to make friends, this approach is worthy of praise.

for the latter:

review of extension really works or its effects? A station can income is the premise of Web site traffic flow, people have their own advertising and cooperation or website ads will have to click. The main source of traffic is the search engine.

maybe there will be a lot of people argue: I’m going to blog comments can also bring a lot of traffic!! for this blog, it does not deny, but I want to ask: when you go to other blogs, people will click on ads on your blog? I want to have 90% won’t click on it. As a webmaster webmaster should understand, their ads on the psychological conflict is very strong, and you go to visit the blog is a webmaster, if you hope these bloggers will help you click on ads on the site, I just want to say: it is a fond dream, Arabian Nights. Most of the so-called return is in an article or message board lost a comment message and then leave Cleveland, also want to click on ads. Maybe putting a pop-up ad on your blog can bring you a little income.

in addition, the flow of traffic brought about by this method is extremely unstable. People have such a psychological, you do not come to me, I do not go to you there. That is to say, if you want to maintain a steady flow of reviews, you have to comment frequently. If you don’t go any day, the traffic will be lost the same day. Ignoring the little effect of the tool is a sheer thankless task. Here some people may say Lu Songsong is not very successful? On this blog, can only say to you: very silly very naive! Of course can’t deny, Lou loose hit fame, this is also one of the factors, but the main thing is he carefully made, language book, micro-blog blog Daquan, software download, theme sharing, technology sharing and other things. Not just blogger reviews. If light >

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