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Do web site Did you choose the right road

website, is an initial structure of the network, we are so many grassroots webmaster, constitute a vast network of the world, it highlights the large portal


network in the world, you still insist, but I want to ask you: what is your direction? Your choice on the road? Do a website (no garbage station), you are a good idea? When we have no money, only a passion and want to when your site, you want to locate their website and determine the future go on


positioning is important! The core of the site has been fixed and we are going in this direction. During this time, perseverance and the efforts we are nobody see, all the bitterness all can be realized only by myself! No one will be poor, distressed us! After site positioning is more important to the site location: what road to take to your own website after all? Interest, just send something to appreciate it, let it go traffic to your site or size? Bigger and stronger? The latter is my dream!

set up a website, I put it in a good location, and then start running on the line, in the early stage of the operation, I will pay attention to the development of my website crowd; then from the site in early development, imagine the future direction. Do you want to do this or do that? Make money? Become your own business? Or do you wait for this station to come up and sell?


is based on the fear of being called AD. So I don’t get my forum metaphor! I send a word: webmaster website, first position, routing, is

development!Edit comment:

website, the most important direction, positioning is the key to is the priority among priorities, agree with the author of the last sentence: do first, location, routing, is hoping to encourage each other with


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