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A few questions about standing

questions 1:

, do you really know the user community of your website,

?’s users are: decorators, designers, casual people,


now it seems that none of these things satisfy what they want,.

questions two:

is your website specific user viscosity? has only one comment that belongs to the user. There is nothing else. Will the user be involved?

questions three:

does your website really bring what you need for your users,

?, at least for the moment, has some of these features, the content is relatively fine, there is no spam content, but the content is too little, can not afford people’s requirements

questions four:

where is your website’s profit point,

? profit point, I have not seen yet, only advertising, Google, poor income of poor.

questions five:

does your website bring profits to your advertisers,


for the moment, it’s not too impressive,

questions six:

what’s the value of this site,


persevere and try his best to find ways and means one day he will show his value in

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