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How many psychological preparations should you have as a local gateway

with the recent local portal station hot, many individual owners swarmed in, but for some problems in operation of local portal site is lack of some thinking, leading to fast no income, wasted time and energy. Here, I would like to make my own point of view, I would like to be prepared to do or have begun to do local portal station friends, in advance to do some psychological preparation.

1. long time no money making,


makes local gateways, not garbage stations – buying a space and corn, collecting a little content, hanging on an alliance, waiting to be included.

first, the local portal flow like dumpster do so well that tens of thousands, SEO, local keywords have been very limited, and it is possible that many of them are some of the old station and the station to account, even if you do the long tail will not have much effect, because of the amount of local search keywords subject is not great, not to mention your tail.

secondly, the profit model of the local gateway determines that you can’t make a profit quickly. As the first said, in a short period of time your traffic is not easy, and the local portal main profit model is combined with local businesses, earn advertising revenue, if you have no traffic and popularity even breaking it and no one is willing to put ads on your site.

2. ready to invest,

The first article on

says that it is unlikely that local portals will make money in a short time, so you will need some money to support your living expenses.

secondly, the flow of local portals is not good, to gather popularity, it needs publicity and activities, simple leaflets, what all need funds to support, not to mention what other publicity methods.

again, local portal is different from the trash collected well hang content advertising alliance can, completely ignore what the user experience, and the local portal in addition to clean and beautiful interface, but also need a lot of publicity and promotion of both practical and profitable business functions, such as BlueCMS- local portal dedicated system ( launched business yellow pages you can function, the need for specialized technical support team. This is why many people say that a single individual is not suitable for a local gateway, because it has a certain threshold compared to the grassroots individual station.

3. loneliness for

as long as you do a local portal, if not have what special resources, the beginning of the year is certainly the most difficult to flow, not much traffic, it’s impossible profits in a short period of time, this may make a lot of friends do dumpster feel "wronged", think is a thankless task. In fact, as long as you think about the broad prospects of the local station and the great profit you can bring, it is nothing. Now many >

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