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Yu Wei sentence type spelling domain investment value

recently, the network’s hottest word is "my father is Li Gang" hot, the reason we all know, do not say, because there are a lot of cases before, when there is a big network, is bound to the corresponding domain name was registered, so I looked at "my father is Li Gang" no registration, indeed, as early as October 21st, Quanpin domain has been registered minon.


now for the web or network time domain name investment is already a lot of rice farmers often do, but I personally think that doing such things is when playing, the domain name is the transfer case are not many, not bad money before " " " & quot, seven; God; spelling.Com etc. The domain name is really encouraging success minon the hearts of the people, but now many buyers have become more rational, there is not enough hot reason, this domain name is very difficult to sell high.

buy this need to consider is "my father is Li Gang" related domain name, buy to do what type of Web site, this is what buyers need to consider. Network events development cycle for a few months, after the enthusiasm of the Internet users, the domain name value will decline, if not sold during this time, the domain name will not sell high price, even nobody is normal.

as everyone knows, Larry or three spell.Com domain name value is the highest, "my father is Li Gang" certainly not "Li Gang" high value "Jia Junpeng, your mother calling you home for dinner", certainly not "Jia Junpeng" high value. Throughout all of the major sites, almost no one like "my father is Li Gang" sentence type domain name spelling. Short domain name, digital domain name, double, three spell domain name will still be the mainstream of Chinese website application in the future. The original copy of some network well "hide and seek", "Jia Junpeng", "not bad money" have to do a domain name spelling station, and has certain users, such investment is valuable.


domain name to have a meaning, it is to buy to do station, domain name investment is the most important to remember, also has a certain significance, such as the 520163025888 digital domain name, such as Nanjing, Hainan, Larry domain Jiayuan, Jiaju etc.. "Sentence type" character of domain name is too long, the scope is very small, the first user is not easy to remember the domain name, looking for a long time all have no result, remember half a day to remember, see the domain name does not know what it means, and one or more characters will lead to not open, only the previous search engine to search for the domain name, if the search engine is not included or K, even such opportunities are lost, it became a zombie domain".

I might say

is not absolute, "sentence type" domain name may in the future Larry domain extremely scarce situation, the value will increase, but it seems that such a domain name how much is a problem, I see some common > in the domain name trading platform

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