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Rookie Adsense promotion experience sharing

although I haven’t been standing long, I’m happy to share my experience with you, though it’s not a very successful experience. This time I borrow a page by Baidu K, write something to share with you. Want to stand or just do stand friends can see, heroes can skip.


I really began to do website promotion, last December, began to promote the company’s Web site. The company’s Web site is not small, optimization, promotion, do it for me, this novice is not so easy. After reading the experiment of single page optimization Qiushi, I like a lot of people that the number 60 thousand is very jealous. The reason is that only one page, without page ZhengZhan optimization considerations, so you can focus on one point, need to consider things less, it is relatively easy. So, I according to actual situation of our company website, made a single page, I called the special page. What can be implemented in a single page optimization strategy, you can see my other article, "single page optimization related thinking.".


topic page made out, but when to put up, when began to collect, I took what means? I haven’t recorded it, and that’s my lack of experience as a beginner. I think these things need to be recorded so that they can provide a basis for future analysis, which will help you to learn and think. I came to the conclusion that SEO should be recorded and thought often.


This page is about

at the end of December last year put up, and then began around January 10th this year, Baidu included, but on the 24 day began ranking, IP day results of more than four or five times, this is me a little success. Briefly, my promotion means. One is through the Baidu know, to answer, with the address of the page, but I don’t like a lot of people do have two accounts, one asked an answer and then take the best answer; the two is to write a few articles, but I think that the role is not large, the reason is that I do not write too the three is to promote some of the forum. I think these are minor, the feeling cannot become climate. But it still makes me very satisfied the ^_^ based on the success of this attempt, I began to think of another single page. So, before the Chinese new year, at the end of the month, I put another page of my own to put on it. Over the years to work, after a week, January 20th, my second pages began to be included in Baidu, and immediately ranked, but Baidu snapshot is January 31st. Prove my page put up, Baidu spider came to patronize, but just did not put this page out. The good ranking of this page is beyond my expectation. A keyword that is difficult to do is also on Baidu’s first page, and the day IP doubled again. Through this matter >

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