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Several key points in the operation of the new web site

when the Internet age has gradually entered the mature stage, large and small companies are beginning to use network operation. As a result, there are more and more Internet companies, and various websites have appeared. There are portal websites, localization information websites and company publicity websites…… The site of a multitude of names, according to the different types and different markets, different sites and the same site of the original operating mode is also changing, so the website operation is in a groping stage, often a new website how to quickly and effectively operation, become each site managers most one thing brainer.

I’ve learned from my experience working on the web and from the lessons I’ve learned from others that it’s critical to start a new website.

one, the foundation should be good,

website in the planning process, it is necessary to market factors, current popular elements, the focus of work, personnel reserves and so on should be considered in place.

example: Ji’nan real estate online early in the site, to take into account the audience’s viewing habits and aesthetic, the page design is fully up to this point, do not browse audience fatigue, mood cheerful service details. But taking into account this factor alone is not enough, but also to do several other aspects.

is another example: you want to do is a localization information website, early site, you will be the market factors, the popular elements, the focus of the work have been identified, what do you think is the site of early, urgent need to recruit personnel, and other personnel then recruit. By the end of your project, you will find that you need a good group of news editors with good professionalism and experience. This editor is need time and life experience of the precipitation, but you have enough money to find someone but difficult, need to wait for a long time, which makes your service decline greatly elongated promotion time.

two, a heart, ready

in the process of website promotion, there are many elements complement each other, help each other in order to achieve the best results, so avoid single promotion.

: for example, a newly established music website, the audience can be either an ordinary music lover, a professional music teacher or a music master. On the current market situation, only through the professional audience, the site is valuable. But if only professional audience, without the support of ordinary music lovers, obviously the market atmosphere can not foil. Therefore, these two aspects should have two teams to capture at the same time, to complement each other the best effect.

three, do the most professional

new website is the most taboo is to do their own unprofessional things. If you are not professional, it will be difficult to do, and there will be a lot of contradictions.

, for example, a friend of mine who works in real estate. However, he believes that the beauty industry is relatively profitable, so he started a business in the beauty industry

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