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Stepping on the tail of success website optimization should be easy and difficult

development of the Internet is really unprecedented prosperous, and do not say listing tide wave higher than the wave of Internet Co in the United States, look at micro-blog, the community and the interactive website that Internet racket is so lively. Not just individual users and personal products, that is, many enterprises are also slowly aware of the importance of search marketing. If you search the keywords, you’ll know how many companies have discovered and made full use of the Internet to launch marketing. Key words advertising is only one aspect. In addition, the competition of search engine optimization is more and more fierce. Compared to before, the optimization of the site will certainly be difficult to increase a lot, but not without the opportunity. Just need a more lengthy process, and full of thorns, setbacks, need to adhere to, need by easy and difficult, need to step by step.

one, by easy and difficult tree confidence success, just around the corner

many people started by optimizing the target on the core keyword, which is extremely unwise. Although unremitting efforts, and ultimately may be successful optimization, but the long and arduous process is enough to smooth the confidence, polishing the will. Just imagine, we determine the optimization of the target keywords after, and then start the original, start building links. In the beginning, perhaps it was full of pride and confidence. But one day long insisted that the keywords was absolutely still, you can see the hope of success? Competition environment is constantly changing, the search engine is also in constant adjustment algorithm, sometimes persistence, the exchange is included or abnormal keyword ranking fell. In this case, can you stick to it,


there is a long-distance runner in Japan. When someone asks for the winning trick, he answers, "break the target and lock the target on the building every time."". Seemingly a dull sentence, but it contains profound truth. Key words there is no way to do, we can choose some long tail word and then to work; key words do not go up, we can think of a way to promote the website snapshot update frequency, can continue to build links. It is only when we put in action and efforts that we can see that success will be more confident, more dynamic and unremitting. In the long run, success will naturally be around the corner.

two, from easy and difficult steps to success step by step

the stronger the stronger, the implementation of sub steps there is a benefit, that is, we can make the existing optimization results, effectively drive search, optimize performance, and thus form a virtuous circle. We know that search engine optimization is divided into two aspects of Web site weight promotion and keyword cognition, and web site rights can be updated through content, especially the original content of the law update to achieve. As long as there is perseverance, it is not difficult to keep content updated. When core keywords are hard to find in search engines, we can think of ways to optimize long tail words. When the long tail word ranking rose to the ideal position, the site’s click through rate and browsing depth will come up, as long as false time, website weight will naturally be slowly improved.


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