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How to select network topics


has identified the topic of network topics, what web editors want to consider is the selection of topics. What kind of content, can make special plump, thick, can let the audience satisfaction, also can reflect the events, problems and phenomena, the key depends on whether the content positioning, and website image website function positioning, target audience positioning etc..

thematic content selection, mainly is the network editor of soliciting contributions. In general, the success of the project planning, quality mainly depends on the contributions of the. Abundance is a comprehensive social activity, which requires network editors to have good professional quality and ability of social activities, including to the creator on purpose and significance of the topic selection process, etc..

ways to select


network editors selection is different from the traditional media editors selection, means more abundant than before, and soliciting more and more quickly. As a whole, there are mainly several ways:

search engines.

it is the most commonly used means of collecting materials for web editors. It is mainly the use of search engines such as Google, Baidu, Yahoo and so on, as long as the keyword search box, and click the "search" button, the engine will automatically find related websites and information, and display all the query all the information on the web, and the most accurate information website or at the top. The key word is to enter the text in the search box, which is what the editor is looking for. Key words can be names, websites, news, novels, software, games, constellations, work, shopping, papers…… It can also be any combination of Chinese, English, digital, or Chinese and English numerals. Need a website editor according to the project planning scheme, through the search engine software input corresponding to the keyword search, you can obtain relevant information subject, then classify the integration, form their own special.

II form strategic alliances with traditional media to achieve information sharing.

although the traditional media has the congenital deficiency, but the formation and development of the traditional media after a long historical development stage, has a vast network of resources and collect information of the team, this is not available in today’s Web site. Therefore, it is necessary to form a strategic alliance with traditional media, and share some important information. Especially at have some important events or major events, by this way a variety of contributions, cost is relatively low, the other is to get the most valuable information in the fastest time, but also provides a good platform for the dissemination of propaganda to each other. Therefore, it is mutually beneficial for each party.

at the same time, because the traditional media has a long history of development, so it retains considerable valuable background information. Through cooperation between the two sides, the website can obtain these valuable information.

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