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Build box enterprise website system add page border style

station box ( as a self-help Station system construction sites will be typing, with its convenient operation and large enterprise website template boutique, has attracted nearly about 300000 enterprises in the use of user station box. Station box, the realization of zero foundation is undoubtedly, but the station box, some useful small operations, it is not those who do not understand the technology of friends can find it. Just like IPhone mobile phones, although they are good, many functions have been discovered by some enthusiasts. Was made public. Now, Xiao Bian also brings you "fever", build a box, and dig more interesting functions.

1. logon box nicenic site management background, enter the visual editing interface, let us begin to learn to add a beautiful frame to the page plate.


2. enters the website edit mode, we find the plate in the picture, one is no border, and the other is the border, click the right mouse button, and then click the setting

in the menu


3. enters the setting, in the pop-up selection box, select the optional border, the built-in box contains many border styles, according to preferences,


4., of course, you can also preview the border and use the border that you think is the best as the default border.


After the

5. is selected, click save and congratulate you on adding the border successfully.


is not very useful small function, the station box, there are many such a small number of such functions, follow the small series continue to learn the tool box of small skills.

the station box to launch a variety of packages, making a PC station + micro site +APP+ mobile phone station three station of a corporate website as long as 960 yuan, a free 2G cloud virtual host domain name (com/net/cn + mainstream choice) +2G enterprise post office, absolute bargain. Equivalent to you only in nicenic purchased the host domain name, free was a powerful, simple operation of the station system.

enterprise building system:, s=sorunme