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Cao Guangyun choose the forum site experience


forum is used to exchange place, but sometimes the forum has convenient operation, functional characteristics, can also do something else, give you today is talking about Cao forum operations experience of web578 by guangzhou. As a tutorial station, I found out that I was the first one. Ha ha, a friend once said to me, "Lao Cao has creative thinking, ha ha.".

why web578 as a video tutorial station, to adopt the form of BBS, I analysis, maybe I finished after analysis, you also useful BBS site impulse:

One reason for

: free

watch a few programs at the beginning of the site, but need to spend money to buy, have thought of someone I mean to do a stand, but to do two days program old Cao, and next to the face, finally in order to save costs, but also to their already touched ‘rusty’ the program, decided to put a free practice.

reason two: good support for video site code calls

is the calling code many programs support large video sites, but also in order to save costs, it is not time to a dedicated video server, so the old Cao decided the video posted to the large video station, station and large video released content also is very conducive to the rankings, so the program must the external video code to call a good support.

reason three:

must be face-to-face with visitors

video tutorials and text tutorial e-books, now is not the same, but the rampant network techniques, video tutorials, because where there is a lecturer in terms of expression, will let some novice learners don’t know what meaning, so it needs to provide a platform for them to express, but also as a lecturer can not always answer questions online, so you can use a section of the forum to solve this problem.

reason four: authority division


forum can be divided almost countless level privilege may be set for different stages of learning more authority in future, at present only two kinds of membership privileges, one is paid, one is free. And other programs are not very good restrictions. At the same time, but also for future development to pave the way, because there may be a period of time after the tutorial will be subdivided.

reason five: easy for learners to communicate with each other

in the University, have joined the different societies, associations can participate in different projects, and to the video tutorial website to learn a friend can be seen as a big community, have the common interests and common pursuit of knowledge, this part of people together to exchange experiences, so faster to make progress, and the Forum this platform is very easy to solve this matter.

above is Cao Cao chooses the forum to establish the video frequency Tutorial Station five big reasons. Although it can solve some things and ideas, but people want to