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A senior webmaster for a novice webmaster Wangzhuan process planning integration

The first contact with the

three years ago with the network, in a candid heart know the first a friend of the virtual world, and about three years, he was a senior webmaster, it is also for this reason, I bought a computer last year after entering the higher ranks, I decided into the army Wangzhuan industry, with his own practical experience in the form of a document to share a detailed planning process of Wangzhuan to me, after nearly a year of practice, I found that this was a good plan (especially for the novice webmaster), in order to help the novice webmaster like me detours, I borrow A5 this platform to share this Wangzhuan process of planning for everyone.

initial project positioning as advertising alliance

see the word advertising, you might have done it filled with a thousand regrets, understand its hardships, advertising alliance is mainly to let the novice webmaster understand network more basic knowledge, and certainly not to rely on advertising alliance can not make money, but it is also a long-term project, but the author suggested that the advertising alliance as a bridge to accumulate experience, and to other development. During this period the suggestions to understand some Wangzhuan details of the operation through various channels, to master the basic knowledge of the network (especially basic concept), the accumulation of Wangzhuan their own ideas.

gradually turning to violent product marketing

whether in the past or now, the product is not the patent of violence who, everyone can do, especially start-up novice webmaster, violent products is a potential operation object, of course this time accumulated advertising alliance stage of knowledge is useful, through advertising operation, you have to dig network gold eyes, for example in the start-up stage of product marketing this violent capital accumulation, at least you will identify the feasibility of violence products, of course this is just a transitional stage, as the knowledge accumulation of experience and money for deeper development.

selected and promising service industry

at this stage, you are not a novice webmaster, you need to consider not only the immediate profit but long-term development, like every emperor like that is to consolidate the country; as a webmaster, we should from the objective angle according to their own preferences to choose a long-term industry, and constantly join the team or direct training for network marketing to take more (must learn is SEO, by optimizing and bidding) or bidding and other marketing mode to realize the preliminary profit of the industry.

appropriate replication of the above items

as long as you are the executive power of the owners, through the above several stages along the way, you already have the webmaster should have the quality, in order to achieve a breakthrough development, you need more experience, through appropriate copy of above selected potential service industry, make profits doubled, to really grasp the foundation knowledge of optimization technology and bidding technology and understanding of other network technology.