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How do you create a system engine that users contribute to content



like Dribbble/Instagram/Vine and other creative content platform with typical UGC mode, but how to build a system of engine good user contributed content? Sangeet Paul Choudary is a columnist, has also worked as start-up companies, consultants, he thought to think about this issue from the following aspects:

if the user does not contribute content, the platform is like a city of death, lifeless. It is an important platform for content creators on the role of the start-up companies to create a vibrant platform needs to do three things: 1. make clear what is the content of this platform creator 2. motivation; make a set of system and rules to cater to such motives, give them encouragement; number 3. as far as possible to expand the content contributors.

from the product point of view, here are six dimensions that help form platform thinking:

is your product a tool or community, or is it both? Or are you an easy to use tool or an audience for these content creators (Tools or Pipe?)

Tools:, if the tool is easy to use, it can reduce the threshold of production content, and can help produce good works. For example, Instagram makes photo capture and processing much easier, while Vimeo provides users with services for storing high quality video.

Pipe: some platforms provide channels for content creators to help them find audiences. Dribbble, for example, brings together a large number of designers who can browse and discuss each other’s work.

The most competitive platforms for

Tools+Pipe: are probably those that provide both tools and communities. Instagram, for example, has a picture based social network as well as a good filter, which has allowed Instagram to win. It used to provide tools only, without community applications, Hipstamatic. And recently, Hipstamatic also launched the Renaissance Oggl, also the Tools+pipe model, you can call other users in the community filter to use for your own photos.

also has some "mobile KTV" apps before they sing, but they’re just tools and no community. The growth of Tools+Pipe’s singing is much better than that of other players.

two, compared to existing platforms, does your product provide better mechanisms or techniques that allow users to create content better?

The handoff cost of

network services is relatively low