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For Taobao passengers 10 words take you out of the haze

In the eyes of many of the old owners

, Taobao has been no longer a meat and potatoes, but in the eyes of the novice, Taobao customers obviously have more practical significance. Don’t shop, do not bargain, as long as the flow showed in the transaction can take the money and run, for many Wangzhuan novice, this promotion model is worth a try. In fact, no matter how others think of Amoy prospects for development, as long as you stick to do, can do and not others say, but you say, and in the face of numerous Taobao such a volume of platform and the number of small sellers, the guest will not perish!

is in the actual process of promotion, many novice friends often encounter many problems, it is obviously very good planning, but there is no traffic, or when to flow, can the conversion rate has been, in the face of many unfavorable situation, many friends will doubt, Amoy really our own Wangzhuan heaven and earth? In fact, Amoy operation in addition to the technical level of things, also need some other thoughts, such as the operation of the means of thinking, such as the direction of development of the decision, there are many factors of success, you are not to do a bit for the guest, I have 10 words for you tonight.

the first sentence: Amoy current overall environment is not ideal, the ideal is not to say there is no profit industry depth, but the industry is more professional and structured to eliminate the previous minor inflow is not a means of promotion is no longer applicable, now want to do guest, must have new thoughts and ideas. The site is a good direction, but the operating cycle is long, you must have patience, and website construction must have the characteristics of implicit seek growth in consumption, such as the sun single mode, you can get the development direction of the characteristic.

second: now the Tao also treat yourself as treasurer. The traffic gets more difficult today, in order to reduce the cost of marketing, we must treat each of IP, when the flow into the transaction, we thought is not turned away, but how to promote the transaction, for the station or promotion shops are careful maintenance and screening, now have to do Amoy brand, strive for repeat customers is very important.

third sentence: the choice of products can not be too cold, nor too hot. Before many of my friends will go to select some profits products, such as breast, slimming products, this kind of product is not conducive to the Red Sea competition, new operation, and now it has not spread, but not in order to avoid competition to choose some few people interested in popular products, now traffic acquisition costs increase, how to make flow to maximize the benefits must be considered, this is not only related to the possibility of business also involves your own promotion of enthusiasm.

fourth sentence: promotion means can not be limited. Like I said before, station is still a means of promotion of Amoy feasible, but the operation cycle is too long, not suitable for all people. In fact, we should understand the meaning of existence is our guest, through specific channels to find the target users, so what kind of channel >