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Analysis of local station construction ten major mistakes let you bigger and stronger local station

1, traffic can not do it, my site does not attract people,


first understand the value and location of the site. There is a website traffic and attract people to rely on what? Is the website flow of Internet users concerned about the level of the index, users are concerned because there is a demand! After we know where the needs of users, after we meet these needs, training needs, guide demand, website has its value.

tier 1, information inquiry needs.

second layer, the needs of life information.

third tier, consumer information needs.

fourth layer, localization information and entertainment demand.

do our unique service, do what we can do, and local netizens like it.

2, the search engine "against me"

information just go up anxious, want to see good rankings, to understand the working principle of search engines. To provide users with search keywords, the best answer, we provide the best answer, search engines will have good rankings. Search engines are just one of the results of our service.

3, local small, nothing to do,

city is composed of individuals, each person has a lot of information needs, our goal is to meet the demand of network information inside the city of each person, each of his friends believe there are a lot of information needs, but the network did not give us the answer, this is where we stand opportunities. After addressing the demand, we can replace local TV stations and various media


is not good to do business, local businesses cheap

business is difficult to do, first of all, raise a few questions.

4.1 do you understand the selling point of your product,


4.2 what did you do to buy your product for the customer?

4.3, you buy products in order to make more money, or to give customers a little more service?

4.4 do you do customer tracking service and post maintenance?


4.5 can you provide optimization advice for your customers and provide better solutions?

4.6 can you let customers miss you,


5, recruiting is difficult, or recruit, will not work, can not produce benefits.

Description: This is only for local operations team site, in fact, for local stations, in order to be bigger and stronger, there is no good team is not good. I set up my own operation team before I could do it. Operating a good website, the following questions must be clear.

What’s the real purpose of

5.1 recruiting?


help us expand the market or expand the market?