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A little bit of experience at the initial stage of the local forum

my city: Jilin City, many local people do not know, is the only one with the China province name city, population 200W, but the network is not developed, the local forum is very few, less popular. Perhaps because of this competition, I work in Jilin city forum ideas, has been in the domain name industry mix, find a good domain name, the forum was soon launched and comprehensive promotion, following some experience and share:

1. forum just opened their own change several vests, more post, try to think of the forum, there are few posts, people come to stay


2. opened a Jilin to ask the plate, from Baidu know and Soso Ask, find relevant questions sent up.

3. Jilin scenic plate, a lot of local collection of beautiful pictures, it is best to upload their own, coupled with watermarks, I believe it will be very effective.

4. can not find information about the problem, you can try blog search, many bloggers are their own original article.

5.qq group promotion, group mail, very effective, but must adhere to.

6.qq chat room promotion, quite strong, recently closed.

7. and links, the local forum is best to find a local website connection, you can also go to other forums to request the connection of the post, regardless of the consent of others, but also for their own BBS publicity.

8. search engine is also very important to local forums, appropriate SEO do not go too far, after all, to long-term development, and now the forum is the largest source of baidu.

a little experience, writing is not good, do not please do not mind.

article from Jilin forum, welcome local forum exchange links!