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Dedication to websites

Hello I’m just a junior high school graduates not what culture, now plant technology is a bar (proficiency in a particular line don’t scold me who I will call this) to the future is a bleak for life is not what confidence. When nothing on the Internet playing games is a mixed day, every internet addiction emptiness, then a chance to join an amateur web development group was immediately attracted to the magic of the network, beginning in HTML learn a simple static page made to the development of ASP, PHP the development (PHP learning…) then feel to do a website gets a development team who don’t own up how hard ah.

He went to work at 7 in the morning to midnight in

sleep every night. After 3 months the site finally ready is a work site, they don’t have money to buy space and domain name to use free, operates its own website (website is happy heart good static program is entirely their own school now it seems that the website is rubbish) when the membership to more than 400 sites open, ask the service he said not free to support themselves cried, as their children did not have the same! Lose the fun of life, dad know after enlighten me don’t believe I have to return to the network. After another night is a night of busy, I want to do the site to buy the space charge cost me a month’s wages. At that time what money is not squandering what snacks, clothes, cigarettes are not, who know the website again one day open to service providers that server attack database is damaged, call me to launch the website database backup I have silly what is a database backup ah, then know do regular backup just in case again, crying again now the site is open again to welcome you all to play my thanks for any free benefits only to network enthusiasm, if love is a registered member, (now in the recruitment of the main version feel bad) I also thank you for me this ip. Literary talent is not good, do not curse web site is