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Do stand attention hot spot success is faster than others

recently found that some people do, always blindly follow the public standing, such as those of QQ station, now the new first site are QQ station, why? They think those a lot of people attention, in fact it is wrong, when you have that idea behind, there are a group of QQ site the non-mainstream what ah, what the brain disability site, plenty of… You are a new, if not optimization technology is very good, and piled up a lot of money, I believe what good do good




The search volume

today, tens of thousands of people in search, QQ station and non bird flow site, not tens of thousands, there are thousands of sites… Use Baidu Search, you know how much you a new station, how to break it, how to get good traffic, I want that little chance. Ha ha., (Master that technology or can share a cup of soup)

why don’t we change an angle to think about it? Do a few people do the site, or pay attention to some of the most popular new information, in that case, I believe that your site may get the traffic is far greater than that of garbage QQ station, for example, in the Olympic Games, we will be able to guess out singing a lovely little girl, can become a little star, was the first time you do a Fans or her station, she registered related meters, I believe, you have succeeded!! this example shows us that you have to look a bit further, the network of successful people is not the eyes of Ma Yun, on the Internet trade, he did not succeed. Because he beat others step, people dare to try, so people get innovation, people’s success… Hao123 the author, his legend I don’t believe it. Oh

Too many examples of the

network, as we have what idea is very clear, I am not a master, I just I make a point to these years site experience view, we use a bit, then my article also played a very important value!! so to garbage stickers you just turn off the bar, ctrl+w..

do not know recently noticed QQ Xun Xian, advertising is also a lot of publicity, we do not know for this hot on it,

is not very surprised to see it, ah, a beta of the game just a few of the week, there are so many people concerned, everyone knows TX’s trick, sure their products are fried hot, and what you say you’re not hot? You look back to the QQ space, QQ speed, QQ, QQ, Cross Fire, which is not a success!! I’m just here to provide case, supply reference for everyone to do what kind of station can think for themselves…. I have the first step to build a network, Xun Xian first day of construction, I hope the case will give help, what results > station