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How do you make the movie site P a month up to 2000

this article is supposed to be a month ago to write, because a lot of things recently did not write, today just over the weekend, and share about how ordinary people will do the new movie website IP reached 2000/ on january.

the ordinary people here refer to people who do not understand SEO and are not smart and stupid. If you understand the optimization and know a little bit of all do not see, let you laugh and have no meaning.

, let me introduce you first:

: take a look at the movie,


date of establishment: 2009-1-11

web site procedures: their own blind

IP reaches 2000/ date: 2009-2-8

below, I will put this month how to do sort out, communicate with you, wrong place, please correct me.

, the choice of procedure: I started preparation by MAX, such as the public network cat program, I saw others standing in line with their own ideas don’t take the time to play the original address put all sorts of things together, ready to be set a record, due to using two kinds of playback mode, and ultimately determine the use of a method the MAX field of a film set for the QVOD address so much, it is very convenient to add, copy and paste it on the line, there are places that the film title and name for different fields, mainly consider the title according to their own needs to fill in the name, the film is fixed; the other is popular, this point not important.

two, content is substantial: here said content is substantial, not to say the use of collection and so on, but said to seize a few days to add video data, it is recommended to manually add. For three or four days added to the five hundred film about the content, as detailed, can search several websites with, can also write some content in the easy is also very hard, especially some films are hard to find, the rest of the day is to add a few films to see your time.

three, true, effective and smooth viewing link: This is the most difficult but you can see the station key, the user cannot retain why difficult, difficult in each movie every episode can be played and true. Some personal station, opened a seven thousand or eight thousand or even tens of thousands of films, I doubt whether can see, where so many sources, this station is definitely sports cannot keep users a set of a variety [matter]. Users on demand, such as a set of half a day did not respond or can not play, it is estimated that the early running, never come back. So it’s very honest here that the movie doesn’t need much, but more than 90% of the movies are normal and play smoothly. It is recommended that you find stable resources [pay a certain fee per month] and use two different playback methods or two different resources to ensure that the film can be played smoothly. Take a look at the movie network currently using BOBO and QVOD two