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Deep analysis of profit point of Regional Talent Network

Network talent

area has been like a raging fire in the development, but the profit is always a bottleneck for many webmaster talent network, then in addition to enterprise charges, local talent net profit means what? Through the analysis of Changde talent network, we extend local talent net profit point.

1: traditional profit point analysis

a: enterprises charge membership fees, mainly in monthly, quarterly and annual

b: enterprise promotion ad position

c:, job fairs or trade shows,

In fact, these

are means of profit as everyone knows, any one may have in the talent net operating earnings, so in addition to these, we are engaged in the personnel of the website if there are other means of profit? Changde talent network through their own understanding and discussion.

1: headhunting service

service should all have very understanding, especially in professional talents and advanced talents, such as Li Kaifu at Google, but as a webmaster, a lot of people are in the two grade three class city, headhunting service feel do not rise, but the fact is it? In fact, as a webmaster talent network we have a lot of resources, that is, the absolute number of talent and senior job demand, we can observe the release of job seekers resume information classification, the classification of advanced education, professional skills, talents, active contact, asking them to join the senior talent pool, as our hunting reserve, at the same time to high-quality enterprises our customers are analyzed, good job reserves, we can use the advanced personnel resume promotion fee, at the same time, more on the enterprise Senior job requirements intermediary costs charged, the cost is high, you can reach the monthly salary of senior talent, tens of thousands of times, very gratifying.

2: the further development of advertising

a lot of talent network station to the advertising function is too simple, that is the front page promotion and advertising banners publicity, in fact, our webmaster can expand many advertising channels, the most classic is executives interviews, employers and employer appraisal, appraisal, in the professional talent network is the most important. Because in the professional recruitment industry, the circle is relatively concentrated, the employer is very easy to spread, so we can firmly grasp this point, similar to the super girl competitions better promotion of enterprise.

these are all my ideas, in my talent network has not actually run, but I feel feasible, and I hope you support my little station: Changde talent network,