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Cai Wensheng is Meitu Xiu Xiu’s investors NO he’s the real founder of Mito

Abstract: Cai Wensheng dropped out of high school, put off stall, doing clothes, buy the stock, sell the domain name, as a webmaster, a 58 city, storm technology, technology, wandering holdings and other listed companies. His experience is like Meitu Xiu Xiu functions, can stimulate the grass root youth confidence: not English, do not understand technology, as in science and technology circle.

to the upcoming meeting, young yellow daisy full of expectations. Since a month ago by Misijin acquaintance, he and the past hope lovesickness.

on the photo Misijin, whitening and charming, willowy posture is, like her dream. Although two people have never met, but separated from north to south, is connected to a network, feeling benedict. Finally, the young yellow no longer hold, Ho throw a few thousand dollars to buy tickets to see the goddess and.

Who is this

can be in front of a kick and he waved gray, fat girl


"that’s me." it’s a little makeup and beautiful graphics software." Miskin said wronged.

is there only two people? Well, young Huang feels cheated. The net love cheated him, Miskin deceived him, and the software lied to him. He was fired, fist.

Trinidad to boyfriend even fists, Misijin fought back, two people then wrestled a ball, until the police uncle separated. The two men joined the police station and made headlines together.


for the pile Mito software through a catastrophe, men in the street beat goddess "anecdotes, Mito company chairman Mr. Cai Wensheng have different opinions.

"a person is beautiful, but in addition to his face, temperament and self-confidence are critical.". Mito is more beautiful and often used to change confidence. Once confident, it exudes charm from the inside. From this perspective, the beauty of the Chinese girls to help increase the charm of a grade."

I almost believe it. How many times in the face of Meitu Xiu Xiu made people really can not help but feel that they actually have so long. Estimated that many people have the same feeling, a Meitu Xiu Xiu top 100 Narcissus according to the reflection of the river.

but Cai Wensheng was afraid I wouldn’t believe it and grabbed the cell phone on the table. "Show me the truth," he told me. "You see my circle of friends today? This is my previous grass root look, this is my day to participate in the" self heroes ". "I’m using Mito now. Isn’t it more and more beautiful?"

in his mouth "cock silk photo", filmed in 1986. In the photo, the young Cai Wensheng topless, firmly built, with a very thick gold chain. At first glance a bit like Bruce Lee, and Bruce Lee was indeed Cai Wensheng’s favorite star at that time. He looked a little confused, not looking straight at the camera, a bit like "crash" in the supporting role, but also like the protagonist of the Jia Zhangke film.