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Lao Zhao provide a station to do creative ideas do a webmaster interviews activities as the theme

these days I stroll around A5, discover the fact, a lot of people want to do webmaster article type of article, that is, want to make and almost web site. Because an article here after the release of A5, was immediately forwarded to N webmaster type website, but the stationmaster types do well also had a few, and they are very early start and persist. Maybe you are a standard fanatic, maybe you are a very good copy or master, but simple replication is very difficult to succeed. What is core competence? It’s something you can’t copy. How many Macdonald Kendl Ki is there?

grassroots network 20ju grassroots interviews, Adsense Admin5 also have good water interview, Chinaz also have webmaster interviews, as if behind a little backward, without this. That question, I increasingly optimistic about behind, before the earliest love is falling behind, there often see the webmaster of vulgar humor, amusing, such as "mjj", "days later". Now, except for the sale of code, rarely go there to stroll, it is now IDC and novice paradise. But behind the time more attention to technology, rather than focus on business. While Admin5 is also a novice and IDC paradise, but he pays attention to business atmosphere, so the forum is called "Adsense Trading Forum."". In fact, the webmaster should be a business minded group, not just the skilled groups, so outdated positioning is wrong, he does not like CSDN, in CSDN, basically are technical madman. I think the same is true of a society where there is no commercial prosperity, only a primitive society.

at the end now, back to that interview, I think the webmaster interview is a very good idea, initially seems to be seen in 20ju, then A5 is. In the stationmaster, in fact, there are a lot of excellent stationmaster, some of them even very low key. Because if you make money and show off, it’s a dangerous situation for yourself. In the confusion of the webmaster group, need to have "hero" shadow, also need to have "civilians" voice. So the interview with the grassroots, can be divided into two parts, the first part is the "successful stationmaster interview", the second part is "the failure of stationmaster interview, the first part is for inspirational, the second part is mainly to avoid detours. Both will be enlightening. In addition, I think, can also to some new dialogue style guided by the master, points out the deficiencies and shortcomings do website station mode, the whole process is also written in the interview published a novice can correct and progress, and for the novice in writing soft article, why not for? As a matter of fact, I personally like people who point out my problems so that I can reflect on myself and make progress more quickly.

interview content, you can learn from the webmaster network grassroots network, these basic site positioning, analysis, promotion, profitability, management and so on. Is the basic form of dialogue, the dialogue can be slightly modified, the too short.