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Do when you want to think of nternet users many are rookie

although the Internet has penetrated into thousands of households, in Chinese also has hundreds of millions of Internet users, but these users in most people or a rookie, they may be strong in some aspects, but on the other hand is really a rookie. Why? Is that related to what we do,


according to my experience of standing this time, rookie or there are many, if not, then it is estimated that those who do download the station next to the download address, advertising will not cheat the click. I think you should know better than I do.

so, what’s the connection between us and the station? Yes, it can be important, especially some technical stations. Take my station   m eat free resources, such as the introduction of some foreign free space when there are a lot of people do not understand English does not look good, then if I put the method of how to apply for a detailed introduction, in accordance with the method I teach readers to apply for free space must have a happy. Happy for my station will have a good impression, the next estimate not to not work, ha ha. This will not have a repeat? Maybe he will give his friends to introduce it! How can we stop doing what is most needed? This is not the loyal visitors, the more visitors you still see Baidu face all day? So we do stand to remember when people don’t come your station is what you want or want to do.

if the visitors in you as you teach the learned things that help from his next visit will be far to him, if you want to have a website bigger and more traffic, need is more of the loyal customers. He wants to rush away from Baidu, or hurry, and stick to your station, and you can do it yourself,

or that sentence, to find out what other people want, or how?.