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How to retain visitors further

, whether it is "content is king" or "user is king", can improve the traffic of the website, retain the old users, and attract new users is the most critical. Everyone knows this principle, but in practice, it is very easy to be ignored. Why? Because they pay too much attention to attracting new users.

often see the title of the site in the stack of a lot of keywords, content and description is the same, completely for SEO and write, the content of the site is not much, advertising is quite a lot. Such a site in the end to whom? Users or search engines? Please do not forget, the user came to your website, in order to achieve some kind of purpose, in your site tossing old days, or can not find what you need, who dare to come? Therefore, in addition to attracting users, the website must try every means to make them like it. In other words, it is necessary to enhance the content and quality of the website, enhance the user experience and further retain the visitors. Here are several ways for you to refer to:

1,     website URL is better.

2,     website access speed should be guaranteed.

3,     website professional, especially personal website, the more professional the better.

unless you’re going to do a comprehensive portal, the site will be as professional as possible. I like the net (, its main online image generation market, all derived products (such as Webmaster Tools) only to better to meet the needs of the owners, it is very easy to master a professional impression, in the course of time, they might think: I do not want to spend time to do banner I go to the net, generate a fine and time-consuming.

therefore, if the site is very professional, it is likely to attract potential customers to stay a little longer on the site, often because they stay a little longer, eventually contributing to their consumption.

4,               make the access more convenient.

 : if you want to encourage visitors to buy your product online or use your paid service, then you have to build a convenient way for them to get all the information they want.

 :     just imagine who would buy a product in a store full of obstacles Please remember: never in this passage set any obstacles, although the detailed registration information allows businesses to better determine customer groups of their own, but don’t forget, any forced visitor registration procedures are likely to scare off potential customers. When it comes to this, I have to mention my dragnet once more. The user does not have to register to generate pictures on the site, and simply click on the picture (of course, the commercial boutique)