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Ma 15 billion yuan bailout refraction personal network entrepreneurial kingly way

October 15th, Alibaba Chairman Jack Ma said: "Alibaba has financing 15 billion yuan, to join the global rescue action.". 15 billion yuan, including $2 billion of listed Alibaba financing, and Alibaba’s own funds.

financial crisis affecting the real economy, will first affect the individual consumer, and then transferred to the enterprise, and corporate credit affected the most. China’s future export situation will certainly be affected, because fewer and fewer foreign consumers. This is the impact of the financial crisis will affect China’s small and medium-sized enterprises.

of small and medium-sized enterprises are Ma Yun customers, customers now have difficulties, look at what Ma Yun did, 15 billion yuan generous bailout, the government and the Alibaba in Zhejiang province cooperation, launched to help small and medium enterprises to enter the electronic commerce the "million enterprise project". Zhejiang Province Economic and Trade Commission, Zhejiang Provincial Department of finance support, to provide 30 million yuan of funds to support the finalists of small and medium-sized enterprises, the Alibaba will provide e-commerce services about the value of 300 million yuan, in the winter, the Alibaba for the customer to pay, the "million enterprise project" through the winter in the free, these small and medium-sized enterprises will be more dependent on the electronic commerce of the Alibaba, so as to realize the locking. After the cold winter, they will pay for the Alibaba e-commerce.

the above information collected from the western financial investment, Alibaba is a big business, small owners although less than just capital Alibaba, the gap in the ways of business may be similar to the specific details, I dare not say how, but the operation strategy of Ma Yun is definitely NO.1. Although Ma is the president, but also my idol, relative to our own website, our role is the same as Ma, in the operation of the above should learn from ma.

yesterday in the group (809 in group: 56775820) with friends, exchange of experience, I plant network, friend’s view is to the website with the traditional media cooperation, or cooperation with other institutions, let website diversified development, the reason is that the owners will choose a brand in the high way. This is contrary to my own opinion, the essence of the idea is first with other agencies to join together to make more money from clients, it is from their own interests, of course, also said a wide range of information dissemination, it is undeniable, but there is no analysis from the whole thing is the link? From the customer’s point of view to the objective about


I think so, plant rental is generally a long cycle, the customer (owner) to factory chummage, Qiuzu now generally can search information online, if it is a pauper if he won’t go to rent the workshop, in cooperation with other agencies, is to find another website the way to increase the customer’s advertising costs, this is not the training site in the industry in an important position, if not necessary, cooperate with the intermediary, intermediary can do website can do the same, and easy to jump, is the normal company often >