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A summary of six months of using the co personality domain name

our most template ECSHOP template network, in the past six months, experienced ups and downs, most templates today calm down to share with you, in December last year, buy high prices from the professional corn people that purchase. Behind the old station directly to the program set in the domain name. Site a few days Baidu included, the weight to 3. We look at the webmaster tools included history:




because by the end of the year, Baidu included definitely increased, we see the above chart, from December, the collection continues to rise. But by April 2013 there was a wave.


on Saturday March 30th, the site was K! To resume in April 15th! It is our first change radically! Do 301 questions, we put the old station 301 to the new station, new station was K, the old station included drop weight reduce. And then stopped 301 directly. Web site is normal, that the problem is in Baidu algorithm, in fact, otherwise, the problem is in the final analysis on the chain.

co com ecshop. co domain name with the word, ecshop. com only multiple letters M. In many webmaster tools, can not recognize this domain name, of course, spider this initial is also not recognized, he regarded as the com station. We recorded before April ecshop. co outside the chain with ecshop. com outside chain equivalence, meaning that spider is not the difference, this is CO and com. The following is the Baidu chain map


at the end of March 2013, Baidu big update, the spider correctly identified the different CO, the chain dropped rapidly, of course, K


then some people may think, it is to register a domain name with others CO confusion, also do a station, is not able to borrow a better development? The template recommendations do not do so, even if the site was developed, but also to help people to do the brand, there is no significance for the development of the template is to want to! Make a better memory, will register the domain name! We will be the main propaganda or template