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Five ways to attract nternet users to successful websites

editor’s note: This is   07 years of an old article, many novice webmaster friends may have not read, this article for many novice friends is still a certain inspiration.

            many facts show that an excellent website is not only its content or ideas; a good article, the first is the title to attract people, it leads the reader to continue to read the story. A good advertisement is a visual and advertising word that allows the reader to remember the name of the product or company.

similarly, there are several elements of a successful web site. A good website is an effective tool to sell, it can attract more attention of Internet users. Just like a good article or advertisement, he must first arouse the interest of the reader, and then lead them to do something. Therefore, you can not ignore the importance of the main page of the site, otherwise, the site has become a fire auction sale, so that visitors will soon lose interest. Such sites may win high hits, but they do not produce expected responses, let alone attract Internet users to the next page.


consumers every day by all kinds of information and market information, in order to attract their attention is very difficult, very brutal competition. One can attract the attention of consumers and impressed the website, not only can let them browse the site and buy the deep thoughts, but also try to let them often landing, let them indulge in this site, and the site recommended to other people.

, here are some basic principles to follow when designing your web site:


as the saying goes, "you can’t satisfy all the wishes of everyone.". However, you should have an accurate market position to meet the needs of a particular group. It’s better than casting a net.

, that is, you have to understand consumers and browsers and know what motivates them to spend. There’s no doubt that you’re going to have a lot of work to do, but you have to focus on your target customers as much as the laser, so your website gets burned into their heads.

when your website refines market information and targets a particular customer base, the browser takes half of you when you click on your home page. Then, the remaining 50% will depend on your content (such as text, services, and sales priorities, and so on). Since people don’t have time to explore the entire site and find what they need, let alone search for or search the entire Internet, proper market positioning is especially important.

should have a clear goal,

a Pragmatic Web site comes from a smart business plan. It must have a clear purpose, that is, what it wants to lead in the end