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Although am 90 but have to struggle

take a vacation today to write an article.. for the first time, writing may be a little garbage, but I hope everyone will support the original

although I am 90, but I also want to struggle..

first contact network is in my 2 time, because my family is impoverished county, have access to the Internet, but encountered a network path that is less good. Go to Internet cafes to play games, next to a person on the phone said what about forum, said the main version will open, do not come to this the money to buckle when I heard the strange. What what money moderator. This gave me the first impression is like money..

network… Moderator…

then know this Wangzhuan for me is very new words… (brothers and sisters don’t laugh). The 2 summer vacation every day when I go to Internet cafes to search the information I want.. actually I began to engage in the Internet Baidu more is to engage in QQ, because the QQ for me so much fun. I love QQ space, slowly learning more and more PS Flash very food contact with the real network. Every day I QQ a forum about (now you know me how much free publicity, he paid $PV. for free. The address is not to say that this is the station gave me a great curiosity to do because I can figure Wangzhuan), by the way, the administrator plus my QQ, and I’m in a forum post positive, I talked a lot with the administrator, all I ask, he answered me.. he said the station made a very beautiful I didn’t know the word "GGAD". In his direction, I bought the domain name and the space..

after a few simple guidelines after I started hot headed up..3 months after the original rather baffling to the Baidu K, a website I collect content results in Baidu K I didn’t K. His first announced the failure. The way to struggle for 2 months, then slowly understand some basic questions. (note the domain name and the choice of space. The choice of the template and the change of the source of content, site location roughly the population,


in defeat, in a painful struggle, to blame parents. I have opened my second stations. The mainstream is not very popular. Because I was 90. So he got a 90 non flow (, site location, content of selected target population. Although because of learning and so on. Every day I can not update, but I tried. The day before yesterday I received my first pen through the network earn money while 100RMB. rarely, but for me I think is significant.

Don’t be afraid of the failure of

, have the courage to fight. The so-called plum flower, you do not experience the pain, you can really taste the sweetness of success? Trash to write, but I feel the psychological side are true, you don’t laugh at me. I welcome you to the guide.QQ:3912628