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Analysis of why QQ resource site will be so easy to hot

from the following friends go to Internet cafes to apply QQ to study has now become an Internet webmaster, this time together for almost ten years, and this ten years is the rapid development of Internet Chinese for a period of time. During this time I have seen a lot like me in the grassroots Internet, they seem particularly eager to understand the Internet and through the Internet to become more affluent, of course, a lot of people just started may just in front of friends to show off your own.

at the grassroots do site types, there are actually several probability we selected is very high, such as network technology, QQ, games, novels and so on, and those who really give pause to exchange site but few grassroots can do it. Then the rookie just entering the Internet to manage their website or personal webmaster, is mostly from those types of sites especially in the selection, because as I said before is because these types of more resources, even if you can not copy from other places, but in fact most of the grassroots website content is basically obtained through replication of station resources.

in these years, although I always do the part-time job, do the best, when the average daily traffic of single website has exceeded one hundred thousand, of course, because of personal reasons, I haven’t done it again. And in the last year I want to return, but I found that I was not do now do so easily, and I discovered a few years I did not discard QQ resources management station should still have tens of thousands of daily views, the corresponding advertising account actually has many benefits, let me feel this way the site is so hot. In fact, everything has a cause, QQ resource websites such so easily hot also must have a reason, I have my own experience from the simple analysis of such websites so easily popular reasons, I hope everyone can learn useful things for yourself.

first, user base is big, tycoon does not intervene. It is clear to all Tencent hundreds of millions of users, more than one billion users is also a matter of time, that is to say almost all Internet users are using QQ and related products, and most of them use in people under the age of twenty in the Internet is just for entertainment, to pass the time, in order to find the reality no fun from the Internet; because they use these products derived from the things they need. Why am I here said the giants will not intervene, it is because the giant Internet Co will do their own products and services, a company could not go to the other one of the company’s products and peripheral products, make their own peripheral services only on the company’s own good things, and good for users of their negative affirmation is not done, then only the Internet grassroots to do these things.

second, Internet users mostly "cock wire"". Internet heavyweights once said that in the Internet where the "cock wire" world, I feel a little bit wrong, although large