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Local website operation mode research advantage column makes the website stand out

in the previous local portals do until now is still a be in full swing, the challenge of the battlefield, we are optimistic about the local sites are also in the snatch, the local portal now is still the same? The answer is, what will be left to the local machine of the website? I want to no matter which city or even the corner, countless local popular websites, which are good and bad, big and small, anyway, the number are beyond the scope of our imagination, if we want to join the ranks of the US portal has a

a place to live in?

, a research on those successful local local website operation mode, see how they do it, we should first focus on websites that have a greater influence on the local, in-depth to find out their service and as well as the user experience, summarize the experience. Keep a good record of how their websites are designed and see how popular they are. Through this kind of understanding observation, we can distinguish which users are more concerned about the need, and what is pure network can, and so on. We can take a look at the webmaster network operation mode, the webmaster network model can be successful, local website why not?



station network through A5 Forum’s popularity form against the people, and then through a series of trade forum to stimulate the webmaster exchange, communication and so on, this will attract webmaster webmaster nets to the website, and through a series of articles Adsense nets page will head deeply tied to the carriage, since the webmaster this network can be successful, then the local website why not learn? Said the local site competition, is not a competition, but did not find the operation mode.


two, to screen each other’s more advantageous columns to compare, see each other’s column is very fire, then we should see how they operate. Because it is a local site, there are geographical limitations, local sites are very basic, square life. The program will not only earn money but also gather popularity, then we focus on what is their money on activities or advertising or trading? To learn their skills, you will summarize what is individual in life and businesses really care about, and accumulate basic personal business cooperation we can. A website hot column to determine the site can go far, here take Tianya way, Tianya community do not rely on what question based, but some entertaining articles to attract users, you can look at the content of their home page you will see


in front of the three are entertainment gossip articles, and as a local site, why not set up a hot column, local website hot columns need to combine local characteristics and local people?