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Discussion on some common mistakes of domestic enterprise websites

in recent years, the Internet tide swept every corner of the world, always courageously in the sea fight firms are naturally not somewhere else. Nowadays, almost every enterprise has its own enterprise website. Some of them have built their own enterprise websites for their own development needs, while others may have been more or less fooled by some IT companies before they have established enterprise websites. No matter how they had established enterprise website of the mind, but after a period of time, the status of these enterprises may have a similar website: website no management, outdated content, only a handful of visitors, the enterprise did not get any value from. So, what is the reason why so many enterprise websites are in such a "hibernation" state,



1, website construction is not flexible enough. Many websites built by IT company use HTML static pages to make, and once the production is finished, it is troublesome to update later. Many SMEs do not have the ability to update the content of their websites independently, and it is not convenient, timely and costly to update the IT company. Therefore, in the construction of enterprise website, you need to establish a relatively complete front and back of the program, so that the update site content becomes more convenient and easy to use.

two, enterprises do not pay enough attention to the website. Many enterprises in the establishment of enterprise website at the beginning, that the network is a frontier position, is a piece of fat meat, is a good opportunity to seize the market. But after a period of time, found that this is not so easy, then gradually lose confidence and patience, the content of the website is no longer updated, users no longer ignore such exchanges, enterprise website will fall into the vicious spiral, will not bring benefits to the enterprise, but will let visitors feel the company is not reliable.

three, enterprise website promotion way is wrong. I met a number of entrepreneurs, they wonder: why I put so much money in the promotion of Baidu, I ranked in the Baidu home page, I didn’t earn money from this? In fact, in many cases, companies for their products target user group, positioning their own business industry status and their corporate website is not clear, which led to the choice of website promotion way is not reasonable, so it can only be empty. For example, above the business owner, he is engaged in engineering industry, small and medium scale enterprises, enterprise qualification, performance in general, but the industry is facing the municipal construction and other units, fierce competition in the industry, so he can choose according to the higher cost of website promotion form, rather than Baidu to burn.

in fact, for many traditional industry enterprises, they are very eager to make good use of the network platform, fully enlarge their marketing channels. But their heart is weak, do not know how to use the website, not good at business sites, encountered in the Internet era in the throes of this is the traditional industry, believe that the pains will soon be past, more and more enterprises will become more and more familiar with the use of Internet tools, let own enterprise sailing.