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From farmers to webmasters

I’m a farmer and I don’t have much culture. But I am fond of computer in the busy farm leisure when nothing on the Internet and friends. Once, a net friend told me that he built a website, very successful, earn more than 100 yuan a day. It’s incredible to be able to make money online, and he told me the basics about building a website.

it was a great inspiration to me, so I applied for domain names and spaces and started building my own web site.

maybe I was thinking too simple at first. The problem was one after another. It was unexpected. It made me feel headache and wanted to give up.

but I wonder why other people’s websites are so well built, and why can’t I,


so I am ruthless to check the information; learning materials do not understand the place, go to ask some friends, etc… others learn one, two times, I will pay

is ten times even hundred times. So in a month, my website finally built successfully. Station Name: Kabasiji activation code