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How do local industry websites work with local media and industry

want to know now on the Internet daily increase website mostly for the local community, these sites have greatly enriched the life of the network, but also to the Internet ushered in the development of the second in the spring, and now the number of Internet users has exceeded 450 million, our country is about more than 1/3 of the population, is a very large user groups! This greatly increases the possibility of the site’s profit, but also gave birth to the local site will produce intense competition, so how do we make website of local talent shows itself in the fierce competition? It is to go and local media and industry cooperation, following the analysis of my website is how successful I! The car is just set up last year, before there are several large living communities, I make my website as soon as possible in order to achieve And their consistent level of competition, and put their promotion direction focused on and local media and industry website above, I basically from four aspects of the work,


: collaborate with local television stations, such as some of the shows on TV to the contestants through the website registration, in addition to community television mining some good news material, make their own website to become a platform for many local Internet users are very concerned about the community! Greatly enlivened the atmosphere. Nature has a very good help to enhance the visibility of the


two: life for local services in all aspects such as delicacy, fashion, shopping, financial and other information will be updated in time, in addition to community promotion, cooperation and related television programs, conveying original news to Everfount these programs using network resources, to enhance the visibility of natural sites, at the same time also can help get a lot of TV news material


three: mining local characteristics, to provide members of some of the characteristics of the service, after all, in our culture, medicine, products are very rich, many people come to us all a is attracted by the culture, one is attracted by the medicine, so we will focus on the development of community website the two very personality of the forum, to attract the majority of people to pay attention to every time, such as holidays in our community website also organized a number of activities, such as quiz show, etc., to mobilize members actively involved, from the community and let life become rich and colorful


four: cooperation and other kinds of local sites, when your site has a certain competitive advantage, we will know how to use each other, if your site is very poor, no traffic, others are not willing to cooperate, so in the website of the world, the Ma Tai effect is always the mainstream, if you the site is better, then the people will love you more, even your competitors, if your site is relatively poor, even if your friends are not willing to help you, so when my website has a certain advantage in the local, I soon won the local variety of industry website issued invitation for cooperation to gain the competitive advantage of their website >