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How does a website give a user a good experience


on the Internet there is a bitter every day to keep the website, this group of people every day to the site is really bend over backwards they want their website, there will be more traffic, more independent IP, but for the website, want to have so much traffic and IP, the precondition is not to have a good user experience on our website, we want to if I can give the user a good experience? From the following several aspects to do.

number 1: easy to remember domain names. The first step the user to access the site, is to take a look at the domain name of the website, like a person’s name, domain name as short as possible, and the best choice of the domain name is related to the site keywords, so that when the user in the search keywords, the domain name will have a certain priority, and remember the website key words, not to remember the domain name of the website is very difficult. And for the average netizen, the domain name of.Com is better than other domain name, remember much.

second: simple and generous template. Users enter the site, the first sight is a website template, the template is simple to give users a fresh feeling, in fact, for the general website, there is no need to engage in sites like a palace, concise template is consistent to the public taste, everyone’s preferences are different, but each people will not reject simple and easy things, so it is important to choose a template.

third: quick access speed. As the user should hate to waste their time waiting for you to open the web site, because if the speed problem of his own, it can still be resolved, but because if your space server problems, causing the site open speed is very slow, the user experience is estimated to be less than half of the score, so the website the user experience from the site access speed to strengthen, now the foreign host access fast IX host in China, a server in the United States, attacked less exhaust. Can improve the speed of access to the bad experience of users.

fourth: wonderful website content. The claim that content is king is very high in the webmaster psychological status, the core part of the content of the website is a website, users come to the site to see their own things on your site, so for the webmaster, we must analyze their users to their own website, what kind of information you can. To provide users with what kind of information, in order to retain customers, enhance their experience on the site. The quality of the original content of the web site is the webmaster’s primary task, but also to improve the user experience premise optimization.

fifth: full navigation settings. The user enters your website at the same time, certainly will look around the content of the website information, the user after reading, want to go back to the other relevant directory, but also how to go back, there’s no way, the user can opt out. This user experience is very bad, so you must set up a full navigation directory, the navigation button for breadcrumbs