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Do website to do stationmaster fast seek early the best method that dies

admire the webmaster now, their energy, their physical strength is to let the kind of full, so inexhaustible, brother, I am engaged in technical, did not catch up with personal Adsense those brilliant period. But recently also gradually set foot contact and the owners of the land, but also learning website, just before the traditional software design, not engaged in what PHP ASP, because love play games so a Dede CMS to do a small game website – "game playing", so, rapid weight loss, fast die life started

1. needs to find templates. First, in various forums, search engine search template, failed, and do not want to find someone to buy, so how to do? A word "change, " but the question arises, because itself engaged in technology, so I love this label is inquisitive, why? The bottom layer how to achieve? Well, start picking, CMS source code, source code is written in PHP, learning how to do? Ah, Chinese too backward, looking for English information, it’s English level gradually rose, eyes also began to take up. Fortunately, they have a foundation, PHP learned 7, 8, after the bottom of the realization of the principle also understand a 5, 6, the use of labels also know 3 and 4. Then find the beautiful game site on the Internet, his HTML file down a bit into the labels, with a little bit of the template, a box of smoke was a huff, go to bed at 2 to get up at 6:30, my life was dead 1, 2.

2. website content. After a week of fighting, the template has been completed, adding random data to the effect. But how to get the real content? With the origin of the problem, rapid weight loss, rapid death life began again, the game content classified, started looking for the game, I can not do the game, so to other games on the site to see, and then one by one the view page source code, find the file connection, good website directly to come out here, thank you, but some websites also analyze the JavaScript code, the mother, and said in front of the game is to find jobs, is the exercise endurance and hand muscles, this is just a beginning to kill brain cells the. That’s the way it goes. There is no end, who let me involved it, ha ha, after several weeks of data entry finally some. I’ve heard of CMS band acquisition, but it doesn’t work or control.

3. promotion. Follow the online tutorial with an air of importance to promote, this in mind let you quickly lose weight fast. First, many people in the forum to write "I made a little game site, play very good when tired… ", the results did not take long before this post is not, oh, really have to look at the statistics, but it is home to a three King Yu combating the flood. After looking for other website links, these days, so not a few person, now are used, I said: I want to make.