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How to eliminate cheating problems in search engines like the server industry


is now a part of the webmaster to save money and occupy the search engine rankings, for an industry built several or more sites, and they often use these sites layout on the same server, this created a problem: how to solve the similar sites placed on the same server cheating troubles, it seems in the search engine, if similar sites on the same server, the slightest mistake is a "cheating" of the title, today I will bring you out of this station is "cheating" of the title, the following into the theme.

one, similar station, same server, content is resolute not consistent,

although our website is the same type of website and server of the same class, but here I want to all the webmaster friends say: resolutely resist similar with the server station, consistent with the content of the website, if you will be placed in the same class website in a server, and your content and too many similar words, then I tell you: this site is very dangerous, if a search engine update all into the blacklist, so when we are similar with the server in the station, set the column, the title is to remain consistent with the practice, so that it can make your website content also is not the same, or risk.

two, similar stations, same servers, but links are definitely not the same as

is currently part of the site’s webmaster link is taken by the group link approach, this approach is a good thing for different industries and different station server sites, but for the same or similar station server sites, this is a nightmare, not deliberately to link, if you are the search engine that our link is deliberately or intentionally, it is on the site across the board, I do some sports website, website content is not the same, is connected is taken by the group link approach, namely A-B, B-C, the practice of A-C, and finally to two week, with all these linked sites are almost down the right, until now these sites slowly returned to normal, we can see from the group of links for site hazards In particular, for the same server site, remember: resolutely not link, or else is their own difficulties.

three, similar station, same server, adopt different program

for the same and the same server website, want their website can have a good impression in the search engine, then no matter how much your site, you should take procedures are not the same, such as a ZBLOG blog, you can take a DZ forum, a take the Empire, one can use a different program and so on, the program can make search engine to different content, in order to make the power for the development of the site, let search engine feel some of this website is not a person to do, to give a good website ranking.