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How can W3C and DV CSS help SEO

W3C web design standards is a technology, but also an idea.

now, basically, many high-end customers are required to design websites in accordance with W3C standards. In the past two years this year and last year, many of the portal sites in China have been conducting code refactoring on the site as a whole in accordance with W3C standards,.

uses W3C standards to design web sites. It has the benefit of improving the user experience and speeding up the download speed of web pages. According to the W3C standard, users can browse more quickly because the code of the site is relatively simple,.

, some of the friends said, "do DIV+CSS, website optimization is equivalent to do 80% of the work." think Europe does not agree with this view,.

in the form of traditional DVI+CSS and the comparison on the influence of the rankings, think Europe did not feel at all. What are the advantages of the latter due to the fact that the use of DIV+CSS to design the website, also did not get the search engine’s special care.

but using DIV+CSS to design websites can really help SEO.

, for example:

1. Reduce the use of table

The nested

tables do have an adverse impact on SEO and user experience, which also affects the download speed of the web page.

two, reduce the volume of web pages

hundreds of K pages, is not conducive to SEO, is not conducive to search engines spiders crawl. DIV+CSS designed web pages to streamline web pages, HTML code, and make web pages smaller.

three, important information priority, so that search engine spiders crawling

through the DIV+CSS layout of the web page, you can let some important links, text information, priority to search engine spiders crawl. This is also helpful for SEO.

‘s idea: whether to design a website with DIV+CSS or to design a website with a form, you can decide on your own technical strength. DIV+CSS’s Web site, like domain names, does not have much of an innate advantage,.

promotes website value, the key is to cultivate.

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