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Liu Yuxi how to increase the original content quickly and effectively

today, the webmaster of the student community in Chaozhou gave me a message on the Internet, asking me how to increase the original content quickly and effectively. All of a sudden, I felt a bit difficult to face such a problem. Fortunately, he made the problem specific and asked only questions about how quickly and effectively the forum would increase the original content of its Web site. The web site on the Internet has a wide range of subjects. The content of the website is quite different. If you don’t distinguish between types, regardless of similarities and differences, it’s entirely impossible to say that this problem is real and clear. If neglect between websites use, theme, style, content and site differentiation of some important factors, abstract induction, the conclusion will be very general, with the nature of metaphysics, the results will be due to lack of pertinence and operability of the questioner greatly disappointed.

so I’m going to talk about it on personal blogs and forums today. I mainly discuss it in several parts and draw a conclusion.

one, originality: the real value of a website that exists on the Internet

first, I’d like to briefly talk about why webmasters are so concerned with the original content of a web site. I believe that the webmaster first thought of the search engine for the original content of love, so that too much indulgence. Such is the case。 For example, in July 2009, Baidu search algorithm for a larger update, so that many webmaster confused. Search engines over the original content of excessive indulgence has become the consensus of the majority of the webmaster. To increase the search engine included, a certain original content is essential. But by the webmaster to create a chapter of the original article, whether it is time or the creation level and ability, many owners are very limited, want to write an article to enrich the site on their own, this is not possible, even so, the significance is not large. We can imagine: a personal webmaster toil in the non-stop to end, and how much the yield? Even if production is good, and how many achievements attracted many visitors, to stay for a long time to get from the Internet? Creation is similar to the writer to write the article, is a stunning masterpiece or garbage. The reader’s heart is clear.

so this requires a very good way to quickly increase the original content, in order to enhance the weight of the website as well as the amount of included. So how do you improve your original content? There are many ways to do it. This is what common people do. To other station copy articles or collecting lots of articles and then just change the title published. In fact, this so-called "pseudo original" approach is extremely wrong. It is possible that your website will be collected very soon, but you will find that your website has been gradually reduced by search engines. Until the risk of being K. Because search engines don’t just look at the title of your website. He will analyze your website content and compare it with the rest of the same content. Of course, the spider reads from top to bottom, first reading the title of the web site, then the content. If Daliang content is found to duplicate other content, it will certainly be rejected. >