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Be aware of the pitfalls of website analysis and monitoring below


continued to discuss some of the areas that need to be noted in the implementation of site analysis monitoring. Please find the trap of website analysis and monitoring.


in the first part, we investigate the cross domain monitoring, reporting, monitoring the three page dynamic events to monitoring the implementation of the problem, this article we then discuss the chain monitoring, page redirection, monitoring framework page, and customize the code conflict monitoring set.

trap four:

Link (Outbound Tracking)

labeling method (page tag) web site analysis is a very important principle, that is to monitor the number one click on the link, then click on this link is actually open the new page of the PV number. As shown in the following picture:


in this case, the monitoring system is used by Google Analytics, the GA code is added to the page, and not in each link, therefore, we on the "new recruitment channel notices!" the number of click on the link, monitoring whether the code added depends on click it to open the new page. If the new page with no code, or a new page is not normal is opened, then the monitoring code click behavior itself does not drive any GA, click on the behavior itself cannot be detected.

so, by default by GA, the number of clicks on a link = the number of PV pages opened by it.


website is your own, so you can put every page on your site is added to the code, so that we can ensure that the number of clicks, most links can be recorded, it can provide the data for your page click on the image. If you have done a page click on the image, you can know, click on thermal data source is the page of the Next Page report (GA Entrance Paths report), is the use of this principle.

but since there are always some special links on our website, the destination addresses they link to are not other pages in their own stations, but other websites, and our troubles are here.


, for example, a Links section of my blog, these links are links to other sites, these sites are not coupled with me this blog as GA code – I think, people don’t do


so we often fall into the trap is that when you need to get the number of hits outside the chain, it was found that the original chain of monitoring is not Google Analytics>