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Mainstream construction strategy of local websites

with the development of the Internet, the threshold of the site is constantly decreasing, and gradually breaking the dominance of the government’s official website, and all kinds of grassroots groups or personal websites gradually emerge as the times require. Various websites with local characteristics are on the rise, and some have become prominent in local websites. But for most of the webmaster speaking, local website has been their hand knot, local site competition, low profit; on the other hand is to highlight the status and influence of personal website is still under the government website. I am in Wulong self-help travel information network development and construction, and gradually feel to be successful, a local website, webmaster must have "mainstream" consciousness of the necessary.

summarizes the current types of local websites, including news portals, dating portals, tourist portals, classified information, e-commerce, forums, etc.. I said here the "mainstream" website, refers to the authoritative publication, with affinity and appeal in the minds of Internet users, with a fixed population of Internet users, can achieve such a website to communicate with users of the interactive nature of government. Before you get into the topic, let’s talk briefly about the construction of the Wulong self-help travel information network ( Since the station from 2011 to April, based on the Wulong tourism promotional duties, tours, self drive tours for visitors to Wulong tourism "six elements" of the information service, the relevant circumstances have been reported in Chongqing,, windows Chongqing channel, Hualong, Chongqing city newspaper, China news online it can be said that the current, Wulong travel information network has gradually entered the ranks of the local mainstream website. Below, I will combine Wulong self-help travel information network construction experience, talk about how to individual stations from the form to content and other aspects of "mainstream" to create.

target positioning: Based on local development, with local characteristics,

webmaster establish local website, must choose oneself good long aspect, don’t be more points, in the station before, must investigate clear, those types of sites in the area has not formed or mature. In the process of construction, must be based on the local characteristics, can from the place of business, culture, life, tourism and other aspects, on the one hand to the user about the local cultural and commercial construction, improve the quality of life of the user, on the other hand, the construction of effective channel through user communication platform, to promote the exchange of feelings of users the increase of user feeling on local portal site dependence, enhance user loyalty to the website.

website content: information enrichment, the first release of accurate information

no matter what kind of website, first of all to enrich the content, we do local site is to give our local public services, the more so when the content of the site, the higher the quality, the better correlation, the site more attractive, whether it is original or reproduced or, as long as you can give the user can bring practical information. At the same time, we want to follow the content of the website