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Commercial instead of small workshop five years later no longer personal webmaster


went to college, the economics teacher often told us that it would be easier to make one hundred yuan with ten thousand yuan than to earn one hundred yuan with one yuan. And the problem that individual stationmaster faces is to be short of fund, a lot of stay in use one yuan to make one hundred yuan stage.

for the convenience of work, often with Admin5 webmaster friends exchange learning, many people say that the most important thing is originality, in fact, in the individual Adsense group, absolutely not lack of good idea. The reason why many ideas are just stop at the stage of creativity, on the one hand with the personal executive power of the station, on the other hand, is indeed subject to economic constraints. Look, if you have enough money, you may say, I can in a short time there will be one million value is two million, but the face of the status quo of only one dollar, how to change a dollar for one hundred yuan


if there is a webmaster to participate in the traditional industry unit recruitment, in personal employment experience inside write "webmaster" two words, I believe that many employers don’t know what these two words mean. The existence is reasonable, from the individual Adsense this group has not been socially recognized, this angle on, the development of personal Adsense is still in infancy.

is not recognized, why is it so, of course, many reasons, but one of the very important reason is that individual owners are still in a small workshop type of development stage. With the development of the Internet, this "small workshop" model of development will gradually be replaced by team operation. Successful personal websites (personal websites here refer to personal websites) will be commercialized. In fact, look at the more successful personal websites, have gradually turned to commercial operation. These commercial operation of the site relative to high-end Internet companies, there is no "money lost game", and therefore relatively small investment, loss of natural small. And compare individual website, have the powerful executive power that individual stationmaster cannot compare.

high-end Internet business is playing with two million hit one million of the game; personal webmaster is using a dollar to earn one hundred yuan of day; commercial operation of the site is to use ten thousand yuan to earn one hundred yuan of life. Three different modes of reaction are three different ways of work and life, for the most part, three kinds of life which life is more rich more comfortable "


personal website in the webmaster entered the industry on the first day, in addition to have strong perseverance and execution, but also think about waiting for personal operation to the team commercialization operation change. Garbage station not to any point at the beginning of a place to live in so many webmaster, or in the garbage station, this is not wrong, can do the dumpster to accumulate experience, but not in the successful promotion of 100th garbage station, continue to single-handed for 101st to one hundred, if you can successfully promote a garbage station, you and Ma Yun, Robin Li believe that gap is only up to "division of labor", a "job", you are brothers.