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A discussion of advertising mode sharing of advertising revenue between users and websites



websites and advertisers are important forces that continue to drive the evolution of the Internet advertising model. Dynamic website to promote advertising model change is, in addition to the old advertising model, the courage to try something new, and constantly open up in order to occupy a new market. The advertiser’s drive is more pure: money pays off.

from CPM to CPC, click on the CPS effect, always follow these two basic. "From the advertising effect, CPS is a trend," has gradually become a consensus. Another explanation that CPS pays for actual sales is that advertisers pay only 100% of the advertiser’s acceptance of the ads – 100% of acceptance means enough to produce actual sales.

however, a complete chain of advertising is made up of advertisers, websites, and users of three parties. Considering the role of the subjective involvement of the users in advertising, things become different.

advertising (including advertising) is the decisive factor of how to accept the advertising, but advertising in the show the degree of impact on users acceptance before, there are some factors that affect the users priority. For example, "the netizen and website to share advertising revenue" is such factors as an ordinary users, I see a advertising and get 1 cents (the process is too complex, and see the ads except) a point not compared, undoubtedly in the former situation of advertising content will be pleasing to the eye "a lot of.

so extensive description, can only understand "users and websites share advertising revenue" literally some simple meaning. We can do more research.

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sees "users and websites sharing advertising revenue", we can’t help thinking of the idea that someone has already done it.


launched the blog open platform last year, where users can set up ads in their blogs, and dot networks won’t be involved in advertising. The "user" here refers to the blogger who is a bit of a blogger who can eventually get ad revenue by setting up ad positions, just a few elite bloggers. The same is true of the potato podcast ad sharing program, which is also targeted by elite podcasts – quality content providers.

, but "net friend and website share advertisement income" the netizen in, emphasize the website is all average user.

"benefit sharing" is not an isolated thing,

allows users and website to share advertising revenue, but not the core of the website experience made "shared interests", otherwise the site will go up to the users with the benefits benefits tied astray — it is difficult to continue to produce positive social and commercial value.

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