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do stand for a month experience

about a month ago, a new station, the source code is a webmaster forum to share the children’s education network I probably say the process, I hope to give some reference to beginners.

first station forum sent two with this link posts in the webmaster, the results on the same day as a search engine spider to my site, the speed is really soon! At the same time to update the content every day, add the chain, probably about 10 days included more than 100 pages. At the same time, there are some QQ group resources on hand, there are many friends with children, I also recommend the site to them. IP from the beginning of the 10 gradually developed, second weeks of advertising was bought, of course, at the beginning of the low price of only 2 yuan a week, third weeks a web browsing quantity has greatly improved, reaching more than 1000, then I put the advertisement to 15 yuan, found the child education the content of advertisers resources great soon advertising was ordered, then I think the location of a website is really important, it seems that the establishment of the website I had made the right choice. You can go to my mom shops will be able to see the details of the advertising sales of; in this process, I also use this software to the cavalry like landing all search engines landing, feel the effect is very good.

I think: "the use of various resources, multi-faceted promotion of the website, is a short-term internal network station, so that I can increase the amount of visits to the site summary".